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Our Vision

We work with the Vision to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the pollution and carbon emission by creating environment friendly energy solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop environmental sustainability and energy independence by supporting biogas industry and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

From the Director Desk

As said by Madhuhhal D. Malayiya (Partner), we are committed to accomplish the excellence in tapping the renewable energy resources and build bio energy management system that add value to our passion for creating a pollution-free environment. For the same, we have put significant investment on maintaining the standards of quality and technology innovation. We continually evolve our methodologies according to the science and technology community on the basis of latest principles of biogas and bio-fertilizers benefits. Our value addition to the solution is to control the bio gas plant through an advanced automation system while ensuring smoothly functioning biogas plant.

Bharat G. Sayaliya (Partner) said that it's been an immense pleasure writing down the esteemed classified. As things slowdown for ABT over a period of time, it is a good time for us to do some planning and preparations for the busy fall to come. Part of this process is to determine what resources we need to achieve our goals for the corning years. At Akshar Bioscience Technology, There is, however, more demand than supply of quality efforts to train young people. Even with the myriad difficulties coming our way to get the optimum output satisfaction in improving our bio systems, we must continue to experiment and innovate.

What We Do?

Our team works with a focused approach to ensure high return on investment on every project undertaken by us, taking measures that are reliable and efficient along with operational ease. We utilize low cost feedstock such as food waste, sewage sludge, agricultural residue, and solid waste. With extensive experience in the domain, we are able to provide environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the production of Waste Food Biogas Plant Services,Organic Waste Energy Biogas Plant Services, Bio Plant Installation Services, Renewable Energy Biogas Plant and more. Our team follows a community-oriented biomass supply chain that helps in consistent supply and security for the participated community.

Realization of Multiple Streams of Revenue Through

Biomass can be extremely beneficial in generating revenue through following means:

  • Getting engaged in the sale of electricity through Merchant Power Plant or bilateral deals and also through Open Access provision in the Electricity Market.
  • By selling Biogas BIT CBS as an alternative to LPG.
  • Selling Carbon credits through unused methane emissions.
  • Selling organic fertilizers that is derived as by-products.
  • By selling renewable energy certificates from sale of electricity.

Proven Biogas Up-gradation Technology by Akshar Bioscience Technology

We follow a two stage thermophilic biomethanation process to covert substrates into biogas, emphasizing on low capital cost of plant and machinery and lesser environmental footprint. In the process, methane and CO2 are separated from each other using swing absorption system ensuring 97% purity. We use high efficiency compressor to compress Methane on 200 bars in the standard cylinder of 10 kg capacity. Further, the gas is directly supplied to the consumers including retail outlets. The CO2 is compressed into 20 bars and filled in the capacity of 25 kg to be sold to diverse industries. Even the water is not wasted in the plant, which is recovered and then recycled for further used in making the biogas slurry that results in reducing the water footprints. Multitude of macro and micro nutrients in the feedstock are also recovered to be used as organic fertilizers.

Akshar Bioscience Technology Working Principle

Our Biogas Plants are efficient in producing biogas such as Methane and Carbon Dioxide as well as Organic Fertilizers from the biological waste such as energy crops and food waste by following wet fermentation process. The main plant consists of closed reactors made from reinforced concrete or glass-fused steel containing digesters (bacteria), methane tanks, and bio reactors. The reactor is attached with a liquid biological waste tank through a pipeline. For the solid waste, a special tank is created which contains digesters and is attached to the reactor using a special screw auger. At the initial stage, the digesters are heated at the precise temperature through a heat-transfer system and fermentation process is followed by microorganism. After the process, biogas and bio fertilizers are generated, wherein the former is stored in a gas holder to balance the biogas composition and pressure. Through a gas supply system which has attached system for drying, hydrogen Sulphide for better conditioning, biogas is supplied to the heat and power system.

The biogas plant is equipped with biogas flares that can remove CO2 and augment the quality bio-methane. The leftover biomass can be used as fertilizer after extracting the liquid fraction from it in a separator, and can be stored in a fertilizer storage tank. The entire biogas system is automated to save both time and money while assuring smooth and consistent operation.

Substrate Assessment & Laboratory Services

We at, Akshar Bioscience Technology (ABT) provides comprehensive laboratory services to estimate and analyze the quality and potential of substrates which is to be used for biogas production. Our professional engineers and experts of the domain evaluate the feedstock on various parameters such as solid content, wet content, bulk weight, solid dispersion, morphology analysis, bio substance presence, resistance to shift, and more.

The Benefits of Being an Energy Farmer by Producing Biogas

Here are the factors that state the advantages of producing biogas:

  • It helps in better utilization of resources, apart from enhancing the investment prospects for farmers. 
  • Biogas plant reduces the burden on already depleting energy sources and can help in the supply of gas, electricity, and heat developed from renewable energy sources.  
  • It can generate storeable energy, which can be used for transferring on to the grid. The heat generated can be supplied to the nearby localities for generating public network of bio methane as well as automotive fuel. 
  • As bio-methane is getting expensive, bio gas producers can exploit this fact to generate income and become attractive energy supplier. 
  • Biogas is a green gas and thus it is environment friendly. The biomass can be used for groundwater protection as well with the reduction in usage of chemical fertilizer. 
  • Biogas can be used for creating carbon credits, which can be further sold to carbon producers for generating income. 
  • Other by products such as Carbon dioxide can be sold to industrial welders and food packaging manufacturers. 

Garbage In is Not Garbage Out

The biogas plant helps in processing a variety of waste material and gets an outcome of Electricity and useful gases. 

Garbage In:

  • Animal Manure & Slurry 
  • Agricultural Residue, By-products of Horticulture, Fruit & Vegetables 
  • Digestible Organic Waste from Food & agro industries of animal or plant origin 
  • Wastes from sugar processing, molasses preparation & fermentation 
  • Waste from baking and confectionery industry, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 
  • Dedicated energy crops such as maize 
  • Organic municipal waste of vegetable and animal origin, household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes and waste from catering 
  • Sewage sludge, off site waste from water treatment plants 
  • Wastes from dairy products, industry waste packaging, absorbents, wiping cloths, filter materials 
  • Waste from the leather and textile industries 
  • Wastes from Gardens and parks

Productive Material Out:

  • Bio Electricity 
  • Bio CNG 
  • Bio Carbon Dioxide 
  • Bio Sulphur Powder 
  • Solid Bio Fertilizer 
  • Liquid Bio Fertilizer 
  • Carbon Credits  

Green Energy for the Green Future 

Using advanced technology, we are able to work upon the modern concept of increasing the efficiency of producing energy from cattle dung through commercially profitable plant. This type of technically advanced commercial biogas plant has comprehensive benefits that can offer lucrative options for experienced businessmen looking for profitable ventures. 

  • Energy Renewable: Biogas extracted from cattle dung can be used to generate electricity, which can be transferred to the grid at profit, whereas the heat generated can be used by local and industrial housing societies for alternative heating and cooling purposes.  
  • Odor - Reduced: At the biogas plant, odor can be treated resulting in organic fertilizer which can be used in enhancing the quality of soil without distributing the harmony of the community. 
  • Reduced Usage of Chemical Fertilizer: Fertilizers help in improving the quality and yield of the crops. In the era of depleting energy sources and expensive oil and gases, the prices of fertilizer are expected to rise further. Use of this kind of fertilizer will reduce the burden on chemical fertilizer. 
  • Customized Biogas Plants: It is crucial to develop Biogas Plants according to the individual requirement, considering the type and quality of feedstock being used. Accordingly, each unit is designed by our engineers keeping the customer requirement in mind. 
  • High Return on Investment: We make sure that clients get high return on investment. Our engineers design and develop technically superior plants assuring high efficiency and ease of operation. 
  • Trusted Solution: We have trusted engineers who build, operate, and transfer the biogas plants for the clients. Our engineers have proven expertise in building and maintenance of biogas plants, assuring hassle free operations. 
  • Precision Engineered Equipment: Our biogas plant is developed using precision engineered designing principles, resulting robust biogas plant with high-end utilization output. 
  • Always Updated: We provide technically advanced solutions following upgraded techniques on meeting the client requirement. It helps in translating the alterations to the plant as per the changing volume of the biomass. 
  • Minimum Maintenance Minimal Cost: Our team has extensive knowledge of the components and equipment, ensuring that plant is designed with world class material, resulting in durability, efficiency, and outstanding performance. The technology used here assures high gas production.

Choose Green, Choose ABT

Factors that influence clients decision in choosing us are as follows:

Technology through Dedication: We have a team of engineers having extensive experience, who help us in bringing innovative technology and technical expertise for providing energy efficient and profitable solutions. 

Global Mindset: We are efficient in undertaking mega bio gas projects throughout the globe, according to the clients specifications. 

Trusted Partnership: We render turnkey solutions for biogas projects of different sizes. Owing to our professional team and strong market association, we are able to successfully execute projects right from the planning to the completion of the project, with astounding guidance and solutions. 

Proven Technology: Clarity in concepts and sound technological support allows high return on investments. We have technically advanced equipment to carry out the business activities with high precision. 

Client Project Management

We are highly capable in managing Client Projects with proficiency and ease. A list of the types of engagements in Management Finance Administration & Operations is as follows:


  • Data Collection Design & Quality Analysis Estimation 
  • Financial Analysis Contracts
  • Legal Contracts-Financial 


  • Planning Procurement (Import & Export) Material & Project Management
  • Quality Assurance Safety Testing & Commissioning 

Research & Development 

  • In house Research University - Institutional Research, Biogas Laboratory
  • Quality Control 


  • Plant Operations 
  • Preventive Maintenance 
  • Breakdown Maintenance System 
  • Up-gradation